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Here is what happens:

  1. Someone visits your site.
  2. The code known as a pixel will report back to you what your visitors are doing.
  3. You can now reach this customer again and Facebook ads will target this particular visitor who has already expressed interest in your product.
  4. Studies show that recognition of your product/service is most likely to trigger interaction (a sale/booking) with your company

Let’s do this!

We are experts at installing, monitoring and placing re-targeting ads to help you close the sale/book the appointment.

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We all know Coca-Cola but they still put their product in our faces!

Let your website visitors see your product while they are surfing on Facebook.

Remind them of your business just like Coca-Cola reminds folks of their product.

Facebook has 2.1 billion folks using their service! Your website visitors will see your services while they check out their favorite cat video.


Add a Facebook Pixel to your website.

Your website gathers a lot of information you may not see. Now you an use that information to your advantage. You can re-market to those that visit your site. Think about it! The person searched for a product like yours and that is most likely how they landed on your page. This is a prime visitor. This visitor will be surfing and your Facebook Ad will show up for this prime visitor reminding them of your product. This re-marketing angle has a higher rate of conversion than your typical PPC. Give it a try.

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