Hart Apps Website Maintenance

Protect Your Business


You spent the time, money, energy to build your business, now it’s time to maintain and protect it.

What is website maintenance?

Website maintenance refers to the actions required to keep your website functioning within normal parameters.

Why is a website maintenance plan important?

Portions of websites may stop working for many reasons (some known and some unknown) and they need to be addressed.  A poor experience(s) from a prospective client(s) can be a cause for a loss of business (think of your own encounters).

What does Hart Website Maintenance include?

Regular tasks include systematically checking your website for issues, correcting issues, and making website and plugin updates. More specifically:

  • Software updates: websites often have updates that impact the performance of your site. These updates happen quite often – weekly – bi-weekly – monthly.  If left unchecked this may hinder your website’s performance.
  • Software patches: if a software patch has been released and we deem that your website needs it, then the patch will be installed.
  • Backing up your website: backing up your website is essential. Should your website go down for any reason, it can be restored with a back up in most cases.  However, if you do not have a back up and your website is attacked or you loose the information on it then a new website will be needed to be started and the site will be down until restoration takes place.
  • Testing your forms: periodically test that forms that are on your site are functional and if broken bring them back online.
  • Testing your check out process: ascertain that the check out process is working – typically done quarterly.

Site Visitors Experience

A prospective client will shop with a site that is fast, user friendly and answers most of their questions. Continued maintenance helps address these issues before they become a problem.


Cyberattacks cost millions of dollars per year to address. Repairing the damage is at times more costly than wiping out your current site and starting from scratch (it’s that serious).  Hart Apps continued maintenance helps reduce the cyber threats by keeping your security systems up to date.

SEO Strategy

If your website is performing poorly and has a high bounce rate (how fast folks get off your site) then Google may perceive that your site is not relevant and not a users choice and can lower your rankings (meaning other businesses may show first) which results in less traffic to your website.


This website maintenance does not cover all of the scenarios that are addressed by Hart Apps (meaning we may be doing more than this on a particular site) but it should serve to help understand what is involved in website maintenance.  If you have a question that is not covered here, please do not hesitate to ask.

What website maintenance does not cover.

Hart Apps Website maintenance does not cover a redesign of your site or adding features or services that would require more than a complimentary 15 minute service.  

How much does website maintenance cost?

Hart Apps Website maintenance cost varies depending on the complexity of your site and it’s build.  Maintenance costs start at $120. monthly with a 3-month rolling subscription.

For newly build websites, the maintenance does not apply to the design phase but once your website is up and running.

Note that any application that needs to be purchased for the maintenance of a site are not included.

Website Maintenance Policy may be updated from time to time so be sure to check back for current policy updates.

Revised January 2023