Google Business Listing

Google Business Listing

The two most popular resources consumers use today when making purchasing decisions are customer reviews and Google.

Gain Instant Trust

If your listing appears in a Google search, consumers see that you have been endorsed by Google.

Get More Website Visitors

Your Google My Business listing gives customers the means to access your business, but more importantly, it depicts what it’s like to actually go there. Even more importantly, it displays all of this information before a user even has to click through to your website. The more a person can envision what it will be like to contact or visit a business, and the more quickly they can do so, the more likely they are to do so.

Get More Sales

Google uses your listing and other real-time data to be able to answer highly specific queries, such as “hair salons near me open now”. This allows for more of the most qualified people to find your business—those who are highly likely to make a purchase.

Engage with Customers

Google My Business now has a posting feature where you can communicate announcements, events, and promotions to your audience. Keeping customers up to date on your business keeps you top of mind. In addition, each of these post types has a call to action, making engagement easier and more likely. If applicable to a particular search, content from your posts may even display in your result.

Create, Claim, and Optimize Your Google My Business Listing

If you haven’t already done so, create and claim your Google My Business listing asap. You can’t afford to miss the opportunities Google is giving to you, free. However, your listing must be complete, accurate, and up to date if you want to reap its benefits. In addition to being 50% more likely to lead to a purchase (as mentioned above), an optimized Google My Business listing is 70% more likely to attract location visits and makes a business 2.7x more likely to be considered reputable.

  • Get More Website Visitors

  • Get More Sales

  • Engage with Customers

  • Create, Claim, and Optimize Your Google My Business Listing